About Me

My name is MaKayla Woods and I am a junior at Wayne State University. My major is broadcast journalism and my minor is Asian Studies. I am a member of the Journalism Institute for Media Diversity (JIM), as well as a writer for The South End. I currently work at Kroger as a Bistro server, but I have worked as a courtesy clerk, a cashier, and a deli clerk. My passions are writing, public speaking and entertainment. I also love languages and know conversational Korean and Japanese. My dream is to become an international journalist and work in South Korea as a broadcaster on an entertainment program. Another dream of mine is to work as lead anchor on Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight. I have a love for music, TV shows, and movies and I believe that entertainment programs suit me and combine all my interests. I am very much in tune with Asian culture and am planning to study abroad in South Korea later this year. While in Korea, I will learn more about Asian culture. I will also travel to other countries in Asia including Japan, Singapore, and Thailand where I will learn how each Asian country differ. I am a passionate writer and I am currently working on two of my books. One is an autobiography and the other is a fictional novel. I hope to one day become an established writer as well as journalist. I can be contacted by email at makayla.c.woods@gmail.com or on Twitter at @MaKayla_C_Woods.


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