Are You Safe?

Posting Safely on Social Media


Are there safety or security issues to consider when posting on social networks?

The answer to this question is yes, there are many safety issues to consider when posting something online. According to SOCIAL NETWORKS AND THE NEWS: KEY ISSUES by Eric Carvin, he list some of the safety issues that people should pay attention to when posting things online. He talks about how no matter who you work for, or why you are posting, that you must be careful about what you post because it can put the person who you are talking about in danger. He says that before posting you must think about what possible issues could possibly arise from your tweet or post, or who you can potentially harm from your tweet or post. By carelessly uploading a tweet or by nonchalantly posting something on Facebook, a source or a fellow journalist could be hurt or put in danger and as a journalist you want to watch out for that. It is important not to post tweets that reveal someone’s location, especially if they are putting their life in danger by talking with you, or if it tells someones location during a war zone. He says when in doubt skip the tweet or post and I completely agree. I think that at times people give away too much information and people’s private business does not need to be all over the internet. Although Carvin discussed rules for giving away other people’s information, it is also important to remember not to post personal information about yourself as well. Stay Safe Online is a good site to go to for finding ways to stay safer online. I think all of these tips are important because we now live in a technological world where one post can change someone’s life, whether for the good or for the bad. You have to make sure to respect others online, but also remember to respect yourself because you can put you or your family in danger by posting or tweeting the wrong thing.


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