My Top Asian Stories of the Week

Here are the stories that I thought were interesting that all deal with a different country in Asia. Some stories are entertainment based and others are news stories that have went global.


miss japan

There is controversy surrounding the winner of the Miss Japan pageant, Ariana Miyamoto, who is part Japanese and part African-American. People are arguing that she is not Japanese enough because of her African-American father.

South Korea

minho and suzy

Breaking news just confirmed, actor Lee Min-Ho and Miss A’s Suzy also known as Korea’s Sweetheart, have been confirmed to be dating. This may be a shocker to some since Suzy is 20 and Lee Min-Ho is seven years her senior.


kuan yew

Sad day in Singapore after the lost of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s Founding Father, Dies at 91.


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