My Top Asian Stories of the Week

Here are the stories that I thought were interesting that all deal with a different country in Asia. Some stories are entertainment based and others are news stories that have went global.


miss japan

There is controversy surrounding the winner of the Miss Japan pageant, Ariana Miyamoto, who is part Japanese and part African-American. People are arguing that she is not Japanese enough because of her African-American father.

South Korea

minho and suzy

Breaking news just confirmed, actor Lee Min-Ho and Miss A’s Suzy also known as Korea’s Sweetheart, have been confirmed to be dating. This may be a shocker to some since Suzy is 20 and Lee Min-Ho is seven years her senior.


kuan yew

Sad day in Singapore after the lost of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s Founding Father, Dies at 91.


Dr. Elizabeth Dorn Lublin and the History of Japan

Professor Elizabeth Dorn Lublin is a history professor at Wayne State University. She does research on Japan and the history and culture within Japan. Lublin says she became interested in Japan after spending the summer before her senior year in high school there. She loved the experience and decided to go back to Japan to learn more about its culture and history. Lublin has lived in Japan for a combined total of seven years and she considers Japan her second home.

In 2010, Lublin wrote her first book titled Reforming Japan: The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union in the Meiji Period. Lublin says that reforming Japan was her doctorial dissertation in revised form. The book is about The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union and the organizational development of the group during the Meiji Period. The first half of the book focuses on the establishment of this women’s group and the growth and expansion of the group. The second half of the book she says is more topical and she looks at anti-prostitution activism, anti-smoking activism, and the ways in which the group used nationalism, socialism, and the imperial family to try and advance their own reforms.

Currently, Lublin is working on her second book, which will follow Japan’s tobacco industry. In the book Lublin says she will focus on how the tobacco industry influenced social reform and how tobacco was viewed socially. The book will discuss people who were against tobacco and how tobacco played a part in Japan’s economy. In the book, Lublin says she will also focus on advertisement and the way that tobacco was advertised in Japan. She will focus on the images that were used on tobacco products and how advertisement influenced the distribution of tobacco in Japan. Lublin says that she is very excited about the research she has been finding out about advertisement in Japan because she says it is something new and something she has not dealt with before in the past.

To find out more about Elizabeth Dorn Lublin or her research on Japan, click here.

Here is a short review about the book Reforming Japan: The Women’s Christian Temperance Union in the Meiji Period.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year at the Chinese New Year Gala

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On February 23, 2015, Wayne State University held its first ever Chinese New Year Gala. The gala brought hundreds of people from different backgrounds together to celebrate an important holiday in Chinese culture. Wayne State University’s Chinese Student and Scholar Association and the Confucius Institute at WSU put the event together. It took three months to put the gala together. The gala was free for all those who attended, and a Chinese dinner was served. The gala lasted for four hours, with performances and games to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The gala was fun and had pleasurable entertainment. I loved that the gala included the Lebanon dancing and the Brazilian music because it showed that anyone can celebrate the Lunar New Year and not just Chinese people. I really enjoyed myself at the gala and feel that it provided me with additional insight into Asian culture. It was visually beautiful and I truly enjoyed the experience.