LA Times Critique

LA Times Critique

As an assignment for my class I have to critique the LA Times website and give my opinions of it. This will not be difficult seeing as I think the LA Times website is completely awful. You may ask why I feel this way, or why I feel so strongly about how bad it is and I am going to outline everything one by one.

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Firstly the website does not look appealing at all. The color scheme that LA Times uses is very ugly and does not catch the viewer’s attention. The website uses a white background and uses a lot of black, off red, and light and dark blue. (Maybe the LA Times wanted to go for a more patriotic look, but if that is what they were trying to do maybe they should think of something else because it does not work that well together. After all it is sunny California where is the orange or yellow?) Moving on from the color scheme is the layout and design which is equally awful to the color scheme. Someone from the LA Times decided that it would be so smart to put the menu bar on the left side of the page which at the time may have sounded like a great idea, and at first when you see it you think it’s cool and looks good, but no it’s awful.

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While scrolling through the different tabs, other tabs keep popping out at you and they are a light blue color which is very distracting and so annoying. While reading one thing if you accidently move your mouse it moves on to something else! This is very frustrating and makes you want to throw your computer which I contemplated multiple times while on LA Times website.

One of the biggest mistakes that LA Times has made is not having an end to their homepage. This may not make any sense so I will explain it. When you scroll down on LA Times homepage you will be scrolling down forever! You will never make it to the bottom and after a while you will stop trying. This literally is a homepage that goes on forever. I tried to make it to the bottom 15 times and after that I gave up because I could not take it anymore.

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With the social media icons apparently there main one is Facebook because that’s the only one you can see when first going to their homepage. However, if you are lucky enough and you try to scroll to the end five times, you will see their social media icons. They have Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google +, linked in, stumble upon, and Reddit. They also allow you to share things through email which I guess is a plus to this awful website.

Once you move from the homepage and go to one of the additional tab pages you will start getting unwanted LA Times ads such as do not miss this… or sign up for this.., which again is very annoying and very unwanted.

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Okay so I talked a lot about how awful the homepage and additional tabs was so now I will move on to the page of the article I chose. If you were expecting for me to say that the story page is way better than the homepage then you were being very optimistic and I applaud you for it, and you’re right it is better. In light of Valentine’s Day I chose an article that focuses on love and the way that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in other countries. Since my blog focuses on Asian culture and learning more about Asia, I chose an article about Valentine’s Day in India.

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When you first go to the article I love how big the picture is. I like how all you can see before scrolling down is the title and the picture, I think this is very clever and it catches the eye of the reader. The article itself was very well written and I like how they take the most important, or best quote from the article and puts it off to the side where you can share it on twitter or Facebook.

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Another thing that I love, which is about the only think that I actually love about the LA Times website, is how they do their comments and related articles pages. When you click on the comments or related articles links they slide over ever so smoothly and display the pages while still being on the article page, but at the same time not being on the article page. It’s very hard to explain, but they do a great job of this and it is different from any web page I’ve ever seen.

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The only thing I don’t like about the comments page is that you do have to register to leave a comment.

Another good thing about the social media icons that they put on the article page is that they have them at both the top and the bottom of the article which is very convenient.

Critique of the article itself

The article itself was very well written and very interesting. I feel that the article was clear and it had a very good style to it. I think that the article could appeal to anyone and that it is dedicated to any kind of audience. I think that since the article talked about how if anyone posted anything about love or anything they would be found and held responsible, that this article shows a negative side to social media. This shows how you have to be careful of what you post because your post could have negative side effects, but I don’t think that social media had any influence on how the story was told. I think that this article gives the reader an in-depth view of some of the religions and cultures of Asia that we do not have in America and that it makes people aware of the world around us. I think through this article people will learn a little more about Asian culture and will learn how to embrace and respect the cultures of others around us.

Back to page critiques

Now unfortunately I have to criticize the article page. Once again there isn’t an end! Even the article page goes on forever and ever! This is extremely annoying to me and it again makes me want to throw my computer. Also the home tab bar is still there and once again things pop out and annoy you. It also doesn’t work that well when you try to scroll down and maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m the one with the problem, but it really does bother me and I wish they would have just put it along the top. A plus though is that it is always there if you need it, it doesn’t move around. Overall the LA Times website is awful and I hope I never have to go here again, unless I can go directly to the article page and avoid the homepage at all costs. Thank you.